When comparing weight, the overall system of engine/gears and its other advantages and disadvantages must be considered.

Drivetrains with a powerful mid-motor and classic derailleur gears can weigh 100-400 g less than the Pinion MGU. However, this comes at the cost of the system being high-maintenance and prone to wear.

Subjectively, the weight disadvantage of the Pinion MGU system is largely offset by the better mass distribution (the bike's centre of gravity is low and central). In terms of handling characteristics, a bike with MGU also benefits from the light rear triangle.

The combination of a powerful mid-motor and high-quality gear hub is more comparable in terms of susceptibility and wear. Here the Pinion MGU even has a weight advantage of up to 1000 g.

Due to the unequally better mass distribution, the subjective weight advantage of the Pinion MGU and the advantage in riding characteristics is even more pronounced.