The Pinion E-Drive system offers a weight advantage of up to 1000 g over hub shifting

systems. The integrated nature of the Pinion E-Drive System furthermore leads to significant

performance benefits in terms of shifting as well as ride characteristics.

1. The quality of the shifts of the MGU is far superior to other systems in terms of

shifting under load and the speed of the gear change thanks to the integrated nature

of the system as well as the fact that the hardware and software were developed

specifically towards each other.

2. The total weight of the Pinion E-Drive System is substantially lower than hub-style

systems - up to 1 kg, in fact. But the distribution of mass is just as important: MGUs

ensure an optimally balanced, low center of gravity and thus increased agility and

balance. Additionally, full-suspension E-Bikes benefit massively from the lower

unsprung mass at the back wheel which greatly increases suspension performance.

3. The Pinion MGUs gear range of 600% is unmatched and always has the perfect gear

in store for its rider. Furthermore, the motor’s speed is perfectly tailored to support

the rider’s cadence as well as input.