The Comfort and Performance setups are preconfigured by the bicycle manufacturer to

match the individual E-Bike’s intended purpose and characteristic. Both setups have the

same four modes, ECO, FLOW, FLEX and FLY, which are individually configured to harmonize

with each other and the bike. The Comfort setup is designed to provide a balanced, natural

ride feel that, in the peaks, still offers less-trained riders a distinctly noticeable agility. This

setup is ideally suited to commuting, touring and weekend adventures. The Performance

setup was developed with experienced E-MTB specialist and is ideally suited for more

performance-oriented applications by offering a finely tuned dynamic power output. In

other words, the fun and power you expect when riding a full-power E-Bike. All

preconfigured settings for each support mode can be individually adjusted within the FIT EBike

Control App to suit a rider’s individual style.