The Pinion E-Drive system was developed as a unit. As a result, the drivetrain and motor do

not fight each other. They are one. All drive components and control technology were

specifically developed to work together and are combined in the MGU. The shifting system

is isolated from external factors and therefore doesn’t require readjustments whilst also

being virtually wear-free. Thanks to Pinion’s self-developed electronic shifting system and

ultra-fine-resolution torque and cadence sensors, the shifting on a Pinion MGU-equipped EBike

happens within a fraction of a second, is ultra-precise and feels smooth as butter. The

MGU can shift while riding, while being stationary and under load! It can shift for you, it can

shift manually, it can instantly shift multiple gears at once and its virtually maintenance free.

Additionally, the mass of the entire system is located low and centrally within the bike for

an optimal weight distribution which leads to amazing ride characteristics.