Pinion gearboxes are sold as individual units to bicycle manufacturers (OEMs) and from April 2019 to approved dealers. You can buy Pinion gearboxes for specific applications from approved dealers who professionally install and service Pinion gearboxes. Binding sales prices apply for Pinion gearbox sets. These may vary depending on the equipment and variant. Please contact your local dealer for prices.

The following RRP prices apply to Pinion transmission sets including shifter and crank set:

  • Getriebeset P1.18         1.499,- €
  • Getriebeset P1.12         1.389,- €
  • Getriebeset P1.9 XR      1.259,- €
  • Getriebeset P1.9 CR      1.199,- €
  • Getriebeset C1.12            939,- €
  • Getriebeset C1.9 XR         839,- €
  • Getriebeset C1.6              699,- €